About us
Hunan Jingtan Automation Equipment Co., LTD
Hunan Jingtan Automation Equipment Co., LTD is a professional engaged in electric heating equipment in the research, production and sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises, the main products are high temperature graphitization furnace, carbide furnace,atmosphere protective sintering furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum furnace, hot furnace, vacuum induction melting furnace, intermediate frequency induction furnace, medium frequency quenching equipment, forging heating equipment and car before stabilizer bar heating equipment, etc...


Focus on quality, we are the most professional specialist in the replacements of mechanical seals

Excellent quality
Fast heating, long life, energy saving, precise temperature control, excellent thermal conductivity.  
High stability, high applicability, advanced technology.
Top ranked cases
The company has several top ranked cases in China. For example, chlorine sintering furnace can make the product purity up to 99.9999%, vacuum graphitization furnace, powder continuous graphitization furnace and so on.
Advanced design concept  
On the basis of adhering to the traditional process, the use of modern design concept, accept customer customization.
Excellent service  
Abide by the purpose of realistic and innovative, quality-oriented, service supreme Provide high quality after-sales service, the first time to deal with.
Unbeatable prices
We have many kinds of furnaces which prices are much competitive in domestic and foreign countries. 



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